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Nillumbik Force Netball Association honours our hard working volunteers by awarding Life Membership.

Life membership is granted to people who undertake a significant contribution to the Association over a sustained period, or in. other circumstances as deemed appropriate by the Board of Management

Life membership requires a current member of the Board to nominate the person and a vote be undertaken by the Board of Management.

As per our constitution, Nillumbik Force Netball Association recognises previously awarded DCFNA Life Members, including

Roger Pike

Janet Gannon

Bob Hudson - 2014

Carol Towers - 2019

Barb Pike

Rachel Piastri

Tracey Beaton - 2015

Sue Taylor

Kaye Ralph

Paul Hitchens - 2015

Carol Szekfy

Helen Hansen - 2014

Jo McGaw - 2016

With the name change from Diamond Creek Force Netball Association to Nillumbik Force Netball Association at the 2021 Annual General Meeting, we honour the hard work of those people continuing to provide outstanding work for our Association


Just as we do with our previous Life Members, we welcome the newest Life Members to the fold

Mark Goldspink - 2022

Kellie Goldspink - 2022

Robyn Athanitis - 2023

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