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There are plenty of reasons to become an umpire at Nillumbik Force Netball Association

  • Actively participate in a sport you love

  • Get paid to actively participate in a sport you love

  • Build a great network of friends

Nillumbik Force Netball has an umpiring development program to ensure our new umpires are assisted every step of the way to becoming a badged umpire.

We have new umpires commence at various stages of the year, based on our Expression of Interest List.

See below for details on how to register to become an umpire.


In 2024, we will be trialling the Umpires Module in Netball Connect.
As such, all umpires need to be registered to NFNA as an umpire in order to be added to the module.

During the registration process, you will be asked to pay for Netball Vic membership.  If you have already paid it, you will be charged nothing.

Click here to register.


 STEP 1 

Complete the required Online Courses

All umpires must complete these online courses before being awarded your badge.  At NFNA, we ask that they be completed before you start umpiring, so we know you have completed them. 


In the next step, you will be required to upload them, so we have copies to Netball Victoria when we need to, so when you complete them make sure you save your certificates somewhere you remember, 

These courses can be found online under My Netball Learning-

 STEP 2 

Complete the NFNA Umpiring Form

This form is to add your name to our ever-growing list of people wanting to start umpiring.

NFNA has a local rule that says you can only start umpiring once you turn 14.  This does not mean that you cannot put your name on this list before then.  We encourage you to fill out this form after you turn 13.

Once submitted you will be added to a wait list and will be notified when you are reaching the top.  If you reach the top and you are only still 13, we will take the next 14 year old on the list.  This will happen until there is an opening for a new umpire and you have turned 14.


Please note, we can only start umpires when others are badged, therefore there will be a wait time before starting umpiring, however, we attempt to get through the list as quickly as possible. 

You can register your interest by clicking on this link -

 STEP 3 

Wait until you hear from us

We will try and give you two weeks' notice before you start umpiring, but sometimes it may be less.

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